Restorative Dentistry

Some of the most common procedures you’ll come across in the dental industry deal with restoring the mouth, whether it be after cavities, damaged teeth, or other reasons. Some of these procedures are listed below.

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Most people experience a dental cavity at some point in their lives. Fortunately, this is nothing to be nervous about. With current technology and our amazing professionals, North Star Dental can easily get your tooth back to normal.

Cavities can happen to almost everyone. With most, the dentist can make a tiny hole in the tooth, clean out the infected material, then fill it up again with a tooth-colored material.

However, cavities don’t always like to happen in convenient sizes or locations. If the decay is too widespread, or it occurs in a very awkward part of the tooth, a simple hole and patch might not be enough to keep the rest of your tooth safe from further infection or damage. This is where crowns come in to save the day.

Sometimes the damage to a tooth is too extensive and cannot be repaired with a filling. If the tooth becomes compromised in too many places, it may require a crown. A crown simply restores a tooth’s shape, size, and strength by fully encasing the visible portion of your tooth.

When this cap is placed over the entire damaged tooth, it also does what the weakened enamel no longer can—keep out infection and protect against injury.

With proper oral hygiene and safety measures, we all try our best to prevent missing teeth. But accidents do happen. Sometimes teeth break, fall out, or become so damaged that they need to be pulled.

If this has happened to you, fear not! Tooth implants and bridges are safe, efficient, and time-tested ways to fill the gap in your smile. Both of these methods give you back complete tooth function with no complicated side-effects.

The sad truth is that nothing lasts forever. Not our teeth, and not the repairs we make to our teeth. Without proper care, it’s possible that any fillings, crowns, or implants you have may wear out or break down. Come into North Star for checkups on all of your dental restorations.


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