Dental Implants

A tooth consists of two parts: the crown and the root. When a tooth is lost, the crown is often replaced, but the root may not be. This can adversely affect your oral health, reduce jaw bone mass, and lead to further tooth loss.

Step 1: The Root

The first aspect of an implant is a screw made of medical-grade titanium. All teeth need roots—even synthetic ones. This screw is placed inside the jaw, right where the missing tooth would have had its old roots.

The purpose of this screw is to provide a base on which to attach the synthetic crown. Over time, it will actually fuse with the jaw bone, making the entire structure organically stable.

Step 2: The Abutment

An implant abutment is a custom-crafted piece that connects the titanium screw on one side and has a bonding surface for the new crown on the other.

Step 3: The Crown

This is the part of the tooth that stays visible in the mouth. It is bonded onto the abutment piece for a secure fit.

Don’t Wait

If you have missing or severely damaged teeth, dental implants are a brilliant, safe, and long-lasting choice for completely healing your mouth. Give North Star Dentistry a call to talk more about this option.